Many well-run commercial composting operations function with minimally noticeable odor. By embracing and adhering to well established systems and processes, numerous operations of various sizes operate inconspicuously. However, even the most well run operation may at some point encounter persistent odor issues and subsequent complaints. Whether due to meteorological impacts or unexpected changes in feedstock, windrows may start to experience unbalanced pH levels and increases in ammonia or nitrogen and other negative impacts.


Because the most common time for compost odor complaints is when windrows are being turned, Byers Scientific & Manufacturing developed the mobile-oscillating fan system.  Engineered as a self-contained unit, a 330 or 275 gallon tote can be stationary or trailer mounted for direct aerial application of Ecosorb® 606.  For a detailed description of the mobile-oscillating fan system, please click here.


For operations where direct aerial application is not feasible, a waterless vapor-phase system is highly effective in arresting the airborne travel of fugitive malodors. By establishing a virtual vapor-wall of defense, malodors traveling in the prevailing wind contact the vaporized Ecosorb® 607 and are thereby eliminated. For a detailed description of the waterless vapor-phase system, please click here.



Ecosorb® is a trademark of OMI Industries