Byers Scientific & Manufacturing is an industrial odor management company focused on combining tested and proven science with innovative design in order to solve complex odor challenges for our clients and partners.


Traditional misting systems are an outdated technology and most often a wasteful and inefficient means of odor control.


Our patent-pending system is a dry vapor-phase technology that uses no added water or easily clogged nozzles.


Combining Ecosorb® 607, a proprietary OMI Industries formulation, with our hardware technology, we disperse a lighter-than-air gas into the air stream which contacts and thereby eliminates fugitive malodors efficiently & effectively without relying on masking agents.

“We installed the Byers Scientific & Manufacturing odor control system recently.  As a landfill operator, we track and record complaints rigorously. Upon installation of the system, odor complaints have subsided and have remained that way”


Clarke W. Gibson, P.E. Director

Region2000 Services Authority

Rustburg, VA

Our products are 100% biodegradable, animal safe and earth friendly. Employing state of the art vapor phase technology and biochemical topical additives we are able to address odor control issues in numerous markets including:

– Landfill

– Transfer Stations

– Food Waste

– Agriculture

– Pulp And Paper

– Food Processing

– Materials Recovery Facilities

– Composting Operations

– Wastewater Treatment

– Recycling Centers

– Protein Recovery

– Trash & Compactor Rooms



Ecosorb® is a trademark of OMI Industries