While modern landfills are well-engineered facilities designed, operated and monitored to ensure compliance with federal regulations, fugitive malodors often persist nonetheless. Incoming waste haulers and naturally produced landfill gas as well as organic decomposition exposed on the working face combine to release many different gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia, sulfides and various other unpleasant odors into the near, and often downwind, air space.


Although many communities continue to urge and embrace a mentality of recycling and organics separation, air quality in the immediate and nearby surroundings of landfills will always be subject to the natural chemical reactions we refer to as biological decay or decomposition.


Managing, controlling and effectively reducing organic landfill odors requires a two-pronged approach: Attempt to reduce odors at the source and develop an airborne barrier to defeat those fugitive malodors that will nonetheless make their way into the airspace.


Ecosorb® 607, a proprietary deodorizing formulation, is used in our equipment to facilitate a virtual wall of defense that malodors must pass through in order to reach downwind communities. For a detailed description of our waterless vapor-phase system, please click here.



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