Fugitive airborne landfill odors are effectively reduced or eliminated utilizing the Byers Scientific & Manufacturing waterless vapor-phase system. Using our patent-pending technology we combine Ecosorb® 607 with a distribution system designed specifically for your site to eliminate malodor carried by prevailing winds.

Odors emitting from various feedstocks at your MRF including but not limited to green waste, broken glass due to recycling efforts as well as common municipal waste can be addressed with a waterless vapor-phase system or our oscillating fan system for fugitive airborne emissions where applicable.

Windrow turning operations can benefit from either a fixed or mobile waterless vapor-phase system as well as from the introduction of Ecosorb® 606 into the on-board dust suppression system of many windrow turners.

Pulp mill holding lagoons and wastewater ponds can benefit from a waterless vapor-phase system utilizing Ecosorb® 607 as a highly effective means to reduce and eliminate airborne malodors.


Ecosorb® Gel & Spray Gel can greatly reduce pressing room as well as transport and offloading odors from sewage biosolids.  Application at the site of the greatest exposed surface area of the substrate e.g., at exit of the belt press, can result in noticeable odor reductions within the room or building. Vapor phase can also be employed via HVAC ductwork or through a custom-piping configuration per client needs.


Restaurants, grocery stores and at-home composters may at some point experience fugitive odors due to various unforeseen causes. Ecosorb® Gel or Spray Gel are highly effective for treating odors from food waste and spoilage.

Ecosorb® 607 utilized in our patent-pending equipment allow for highly effective odor reduction or elimination in compactor or dumpster rooms thereby avoiding the use of less effective misting systems.

The food processing industry generates a wide spectrum of nuisance odors due to the inherent vastness of the industries' throughputs. Poultry, Fish & Meat processing may generate significant malodor depending on the procedures utilized. Other organic wastes such as aged fruit and produce represent another source of odors and attraction to vectors. Both vapor phase technology and Ecosorb® Gel can be effectively employed to reduce or eliminate these and other fugitive organic odors.

Certain agricultural operations, such as dairy, poultry and hog farming may generate significant unpleasant odors. Ecosorb® Gel as well as vapor phase technology are particularly suited to dealing with agricultural malodor that is the result of high pH levels due to excessive nitrogen and/or ammonia.



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