Vapor phase technology provides highly effective, year round odor elimination of airborne malodors in both indoor & outdoor applications. Presently in use in numerous applications worldwide, our proprietary deodorizing formulations do not require added water.


Every BS&M system is engineered & designed for your site's unique requirements. Additionally, all systems are remotely monitored 24/7 by our staff.

The Mobile Trailer-Mounted Vapor-Phase system is designed to combine the benefits of a vapor-phase odor control system with the mobility necessary for temporary or constantly changing conditions.  Purchase or rental ability provides a solution for both short-term and long-term needs.

In certain circumstances, direct or aerosolized application of Ecosorb® is a more effective means of odor mitigation. The Oscillating Fan System can provide either a stationary or mobile solution for direct-to-source application of Ecosorb® deodorizer.



Ecosorb® is a trademark of OMI Industries