Nearly every commercial building that produces some element of organic waste, ranging from hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, catering facilities and of course restaurants, includes a trash and/or compactor room. While daily turnover of waste is generally available via local haulers, many municipalities are mandating source separation of organics. The added burden to many trash and compactor rooms can easily translate into greater potential for guest disturbing malodor and vector attraction.


Ecosorb® 606 is ideally suited to daily spraying down of dumpsters and as a contact deodorizer on the wheels of transport vehicles. Additionally, Ecosorb® Spray Gel can be applied directly to waste bins on a daily basis or even throughout the day whenever the bin is accessed. For a detailed description of Ecosorb® 606, please click here.  For a detailed description of Ecosorb® Spray Gel, please click here.


Our waterless vapor-phase system can be very effectively utilized via our smaller systems to neutralize malodors in small/low ventilation rooms. For a detailed description of waterless vapor-phase system, please click here.



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