Byers Scientific & Manufacturing’s patent-pending Waterless Vapor-Phase System improves on existing odor control methods that leverage vapor technology by ensuring a measurable, controllable and uniform creation and distribution of odor eliminating vapor.


  • Key personnel receive email/SMS text notifications alerting of machine needs such as low tank level or air filter replacement
  • Remote monitoring 24/7 by Byers Scientific staff on status of all machine operating parameters
  • Operational data are logged to provide evidence of compliance to local/state/federal agencies
  • No clogged nozzles or damp surfaces*
  • Effective year-round in both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Each system is custom designed and engineered for a client’s site-specific characteristics
  • Product reservoir tank provides up to three weeks of uninterrupted operation before needing refill
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • The vaporization system is relatively quiet, dry, and inconspicuous


»  Ecosorb® 607 Technical Data Sheet


»  Product Brochure


  • Landfill Perimeters
  • Windrow Composting Sites
  • Leachate Treatment Tanks
  • Holding Lagoons
  • Biosolids Drying Beds
  • Pressing Rooms
  • Animal Confinement Areas
  • And Several Others...

*A note on atomization: The particle size of misted deodorizers can range from 70-350 microns while for instance oxygen in gaseous form is 0.0005 microns. In order to effectively combat an airborne malodor such as methanethiol (methyl mercaptan), for example, another compound also in a gaseous state it going to move in the air current at the same rate and direction thereby vastly increasing the chance for contact and subsequent deodorization. Atomized deodorizers, by virtue of their relatively large weight and size, cannot effectively keep up with airborne malodors.



Ecosorb® is a trademark of OMI Industries