In April, Byers Scientific announced a new partnership with Envirosuite that blends environmental intelligence with industrial odor mitigation. As a true industry first, the new partnership allows facilities to visualize, monitor and model odorous emissions in real-time.

As such, facilities can now make truly informed decisions about odor mitigation strategies, and what equipment is needed to address the odor issue. This new partnership also caught the attention of the media.

For example, Marc Byers, President and Founder of Byers Scientific, was asked to participate in a Q&A interview with MSW Management, which provided a deep-dive perspective on the value of this partnership.

“We are making it possible to have a laser-like focus on the true sources of odor, and be able to act upon them in real-time,” said Byers in the interview. “Essentially, the Envirosuite platform allows for the visualization, monitoring, and modeling of potentially odorous emissions.”

In the interview, Byers also discussed early customer feedback on the combined solution.

“The feedback has been outstanding,” said Byers. “Operators are really excited about how the technology gives them all of the environmental intelligence, as well as the system operational data they need in one location. Quite frankly, the most rewarding feedback we’ve received is from customers saying that the combined solution simply makes their jobs easier.”

In addition to the MSW Management Q&A interview, Smart Water Magazine also ran a feature story about the new partnership. The article takes more of a business angle, and highlights how the partnership will support global business opportunities, drive revenue and increase customer traction for both companies.

The partnership also caught the attention of Stockhead, which is a business publication in Australia. The publication ran an article about how the partnership will allow Australia-based Envirosuite to penetrate the U.S. market. Specifically, the article highlighted how “Byers Scientific has a leading position in the US market with a number of solutions to help clients manage industrial-scale odors and emissions.”

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