Over the past several months, Byers Scientific has been capturing the attention of media outlets that cover commercial cannabis operations. Much of the press coverage has centered on how growers can effectively take advantage of sustainable emissions and odor control.

For example, Emily Long, Sr. Project Manager at Byers Scientific, authored a guest article for the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition (SSC) about the future of sustainable emissions control for indoor cannabis cultivation.

In addition to highlighting the need for effective indoor air quality (IAQ) for both cannabis plants and employees, the article discusses how the Byers MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System with optional ASPRA® offers a comprehensive and sustainable solution for healthier, odor-free air.

In another guest article with Cannabis & Tech Today, the Byers team continues with the theme of consolidating odor and IAQ solutions for commercial cannabis operators. However, this article goes deeper into the science of emissions control, and discusses how Byers Scientific has stepped up and funded critical research and vetting processes to ensure the safety and success of the cannabis industry in the abscence of federal funding.

Emily Long was also quoted in this Greenhouse Grower article about how the commercial cannabis industry can work towards a greener future.

“Both material waste and resource waste (water and energy) are significant contributors to negative environmental impacts from cannabis production,” said Long. “Through data and science-driven technology solutions, cannabis cultivators are able to more effectively mitigate their emissions such as plant volatiles, particulates, microbials, and other volatile organic compounds while simultaneously conserving wasted water, energy, and materials such as carbon.”

In addition, Marc Byers, Founder and President of Byers Scientific, did a Q&A interview with Analytical Cannabis about how emerging commercial cannabis businesses can effectively prevent their production processes from becoming a public nuisance.

“Certainly, much more science and innovative thinking has gone into other areas of the industry – perfecting grow lights, getting the precise spectrum, the correct humidity levels, things like this,” said Byers. “But odor control always got short shrift. We set out to not only provide really thorough, robust, well-tested solutions on the hardware side, but also to reach those scientific conclusions with a much more analytical approach.”

Finally, Dr. Alex Guenther, Ph.D., Senior Scientist of Byers Emissions Analysis, recently helped author an article that was selected for publication in the American Chemical Society’s ACS Omega journal discussing environmental odor troubleshooting for “skunky” cannabis odors.

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