Quantifying Commercial Cannabis Emissions and Measuring Environmental Impacts

Byers Emissions Analysis’ Chief Scientific Officer, William Vizuete, PhD., designs field study for important research into Colorado indoor commercial cannabis cultivation facilities and their collective impacts on air quality. [...]

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Byers Scientific in the News: Providing Sustainable Emissions and Odor Control for Commercial Cannabis

Over the past several months, Byers Scientific has been capturing the attention of media outlets that cover commercial cannabis operations. Much of the press coverage has centered on [...]

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The Power of Adsorption: How MT-6 Scrubbers Mitigate Hemp Cultivation Odors

Hemp cultivation has decreased across the United States again this year. This drop can be attributed to a number of different factors, including stalled regulation and pushback from communities [...]

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Introducing The MT-6™ With Electrostatic Ionization Phase: Improve Indoor Air Quality While Combating Cannabis Odors

At Byers Scientific, we’re committed to helping companies future-proof their business. For us, that means staying at the forefront of odor and emissions innovation, technology, and research. Since launching [...]

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How The Byers Emissions Analysis Team Can Help You Curb Hemp Odor Complaints

Odor complaints cause numerous problems for industrial hemp producers. Not only do they drive a wedge between farmers and the surrounding community, but they can also result in expensive [...]

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How Can Facility Emissions Assessments Support Cannabis Emissions Benchmarking?

Recently, the cannabis market has made huge strides, and new data suggests demand will only continue to rise. According to Forbes, the legal market is projected to pull in [...]

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How Breakthroughs in Cannabis Odor Research Can and Should Shape Odor Control Policies

Commercial cannabis is a booming industry with incredible profit potential. By 2026, experts predict the legal U.S. cannabis market will reach $41 billion in annual sales, making it roughly [...]

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