Odor complaints cause numerous problems for industrial hemp producers. Not only do they drive a wedge between farmers and the surrounding community, but they can also result in expensive fines and mandated odor control measures. Fortunately, Byers Emissions Analysis can help industrial hemp farmers curb odor complaints through proactive, data-driven odor control solutions.

Understand Your Operation’s Emissions Profile

Odor complaints pose a few uniquely challenging problems. Because hemp odors are invisible, complaints can’t be paired to any visible signals. And, because the nature of smell is subjective, biases against hemp can skew perceptions. 

With seemingly no way to scale complaints to an objective standard and little hard evidence of odor control systems’ efficacy i, it’s difficult for the community and farmers t  to mutually quantify and qualify the extent of the problem . 

That’s why the first step in addressing industrial hemp odor complaints is to conduct a comprehensive assessment  of your operation’s complete emissions profile—that is, the full spectrum of compounds off-gassing from your crop. 

Our team of  globally-recognized emissions analysts uses state-of-the-art emissions profiling to help you understand the full spectrum of odor-causing chemicals (which can include over 200+ plant volatiles) emitting from your site as well as their actual movement in and around your facilities.    

With hard data at your disposal, you’ll know exactly which compounds are causing the complaints and have the insights you need to take the next step in curbing odor complaints.

Make Informed Odor Control Decisions with a Full Suite of Odor Control Tools

With the newfound insights from your emissions profile, the Byers Emissions Analysis team can suggest custom solutions to curb odorous compounds before they become a topic of concern for your neighbors.  

Each hemp operation is unique, and our recommendations are tailored to your individual needs. In addition, our odor mitigation systems have been called the gold standard for odor control. When you partner with our team of odor and emissions analysts, you’ll have an arsenal of technologies and know-how at your disposal. 

Reduce Liability If Community Odor Complaints Do Occur 

By completing an emissions profile and deploying a variety of Byers Scientific’s odor mitigation technologies, you’ll have everything you need to minimize the likelihood of hemp odor complaints. 

But even if complaints come up, our team of experts will ensure you have 24/7 access to intelligent emission-detection and prevention data, empowering you to overcome barriers within your community using the best data and insights available.