Carbon scrubbing is the common terminology used when referencing molecular filtration and it is one of the most widely used approaches for odor control overall; however, there are several factors that make a particular carbon scrubbing system effective and efficient. So, is carbon scrubbing for cannabis odor sustainable? The answer lies partially in the type of carbon media as not all carbon is created equal and engineered specifically to adsorb cannabis emission molecules effectively.  

Not All Carbon is Created Equal for Cannabis Odor Control 

As an illustration, a tablespoon of the activated coconut shell carbon that Byers Scientific uses in their systems has the surface area equivalent of a football field. That many ‘seats’ on the surface of each granule of coconut shell carbon means cannabis emissions are effectively being trapped and scrubbed from the air and the carbon has a longer lifespan than, for example, commonly used bituminous coal, making it the most sustainable carbon option for odor control.  

Along with the type of carbon selected, the particle size of filtration media, classified using mesh size, also plays a role in the effectiveness and therefore, efficiency of carbon scrubbing. Byers Scientific chose the optimal mesh size of the activated coconut shell carbon in their system to capture and trap cannabis odors with precision.  

Carbon Scrubbing Effectiveness is Extended with Pre-filters 

The best media is critical, but not the only factor to consider when determining the most sustainable system for carbon scrubbing cannabis odor. The prefiltration is also a crucial element to capture water molecules and particulate matter so they do not take up available ‘seats’ on the surface of the carbon, as this preserves the life of the carbon media. Byers Scientific uses Camfil’s MERV 9 Particulate Pre-filters with an optional multi-pocket high efficiency bag filter for high-dust applications, such as trim rooms. These filters are a world-class design to effectively capture water and particulates before the carbon scrubbing phase of the MT-6™ Molecular Filtrations System to extend the life of the carbon media. Helping the carbon media remain optimally effective for removing cannabis odor for as long as possible, helps reduce wasted carbon media, making carbon scrubbing technology more sustainable.  

Energy Efficient Technology is Key for Sustainable Cannabis Odor Control 

Thirdly, but certainly not least when it comes to sustainable cannabis odor control, is the consideration of the amount of energy required to operate a carbon scrubbing system. Using a highly efficient fan, the MT-6™ can effectively filter air in a commercial cannabis operation at 6,000cfm while using only ~2.8amps. This cannabis odor scrubbing system is innovatively designed and engineered using a molecular-level understanding of cannabis odor emissions, making it highly effective while maintaining industry-leading energy efficiency. From the prefilters, to the precise choice of type and size of carbon and uniquely designed style of the MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System, carbon scrubbing for cannabis odor just got sustainable thanks to Byers Scientific 

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