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Our Mitigation Technologies combine innovative equipment design and Cloud-based SCADA technology to provide connected odor management solutions for firms in the solid waste, cannabis, industrial-scale composting, and wastewater industries.

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Solid Waste

Avoid complaints and compliance red tape by neutralizing malodors associated with landfill operations, compost facilities, and material recovery facilities.

Commercial Agriculture

Safely combat odors associated with marijuana and hemp cultivations, as well as other commercial facilities dealing with animal agriculture.

Industrial-scale composting

Our array of smart odor mitigation technologies help individual and commercial composting operations meet conditions for compliance as regulations tighten for industrial-scale composting.


Leverage safe and effective tools to eliminate odors and remove barriers to community acceptance around wastewater treatment plants and biosolids facilities.

Odor Mitigation Solutions

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MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System

An all-new way to sequester odor molecules. Molecular scrubbing uses carbon to manifest adsorption as the odorous air is filtered, effectively eliminating odors down to the molecule.

  • 6,000 CFM for optimal air-exchanges
  • Can be installed in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • 480v, 3-Phase UL listed control panel
  • Fully Cloud-based IoT/SCADA connectivity for remote operation
  • Forty-eight 24” Camfil LGX-048 carbon canisters
  • Camfil 30/30 Dual 9® Pre Filter panels

Stationary Vapor Systems

Our patented vapor-phase systems leverage waterless vapor technology to control fugitive odors. Vapor-phase systems manifest adsorption in the open air to eliminate odors on contact.

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Quiet, dry, and inconspicuous
  • Up to three weeks of uninterrupted operation
  • Custom designed and engineered for your site needs
  • No clogged nozzles or damp surfaces as seen with misting
  • Effective year-round indoors and outdoors
  • 24/7 remote monitoring from Byers support staff

Mobile Vapor Systems

All the effectiveness of our patented vapor-phase systems, made to move. The trailer-mounted vapor-phase system is designed for temporary and changing odor-causing conditions.

  • Treat up to 850 lineal feet
  • Custom 6,500-pound capacity trailer
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Generator for several days of uninterrupted operation
  • Pipe storage and transportation
  • No clogged nozzles or damp surfaces as seen with misting
  • Effective year-round indoors and outdoors
  • 24/7 remote monitoring from Byers support staff
  • Available for short-term rental

Unique Site Systems

Custom solutions designed to fit any site. Unique site systems are engineered to seamlessly integrate into operational spaces that require a bespoke design.

  • Evaporation stack systems
  • Dewatering rooms
  • As-needed topical coverage
  • Unique portable designs

Leveraging science and technology to neutralize odors before they become a problem

The first step on the path to odor neutralization is to discover, identify, and measure the source using science and technology. Knowing the particular odor profile helps determine the best odor mitigation approach and tools. These can include a combination of vapor-phase, scrubbing, and fogging.

Using a highly-defined chemical and physical reaction known as adsorption, our odor mitigation technologies establish contact between the adsorptive materials and the odor-impacted air. The result? An end-to-end system that actually eliminates odor molecules.


Monitor your system anytime, from anywhere

Every Byers system comes fully equipped with a dedicated Cloud-based website, putting control in your hands. Receive email and text maintenance alerts, collect operational data to ensure compliance, and monitor your system remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Why vapor?

Waterless vapor-phase systems use less water, making them more sustainable, effective, and efficient. Unlike misting that pushes odors to the ground, vapor meets odors in the air and neutralizes them on contact. It’s not masking. It’s mitigating.


to hide, conceal, or cover up.




to alleviate, reduce, or diminish.

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