Byers’ latest product offering, the MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System, a 6,000 CFM industrial-scale interior odor mitigation solution, is engineered to work in phases to ensure efficient and effective odor control. This article will walk you through these phases to provide an inside look at the unique and powerful industry-leading technology.

Phase 1 – Particulate Pre-Filters are Optimal for Preserving Carbon Media Meant for Odor Control

Each MT-6 Molecular Filtration System comes fitted with a Camfil proprietary pleated panel filter. This filter works to remove airborne contaminants from the air stream, improving indoor air quality while maintaining the integrity of the activated carbon media before scrubbing odor in Phase 2. The pleated panel air filters are designed with the lowest pressure drop and provide between 70% and 75% efficiency for filtering particles between 3 and 10 microns in size (such as mold spores) while meeting MERV 9A efficiency standards per ASHRAE standard 52.2 Appendix J.

Consistent with Byers’ goal of providing environmentally responsible solutions, this filter is designed to have the longest possible service life to reduce the need for changing the filter frequently thus saving resources. Finally, the pre-filter requires less annual energy consumption (up to 25% per filter), waste disposal and landfill impact in line with corporate cost savings compared to low-cost pleated filters found in many competing systems.

Moreover, Byers’ carefully selected pre-filters specifically target the removal of moisture in the airstream with the pre-filter’s dual layer media and moisture-resistant frame. By removing moisture, the pre-filters keep it from taking up critical surface area or ‘seats’ within the porous carbon media. By virtue of the pre-filtration, Phase 2 carbon filtration is then preserved to most effectively adsorb odor molecules from the airstream, supporting more effective odor control.

Phase 2 – Molecular Filtration (aka Carbon Scrubbing) is Ideal for Cannabis Odor Control

Each MT-6™ unit consists of Forty-Eight 24” LGX-048 Camfil coconut shell activated carbon canisters. It is critical to note that not all carbon media is created equal and that the particular carbon used in the MT-6™ was carefully selected with efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in mind. This particular carbon media was selected due to its superior surface area for adsorbing the optimal number of odor molecules. To illustrate, a tablespoon of this carbon media has the equivalent surface area of an entire football field. The efficiency removal of this carbon media is validated to ASHRAE 145.2 & ISO 10121-2. Additionally, Byers can run Butane Life Tests, in accordance with ASTM D5742-95, on this carbon media in order to identify the optimal lifespan of the carbon before replacement is needed to preserve resources, reduce waste and prevent odor break-through based on the specific application.

A New Standard in Odor Control Technology

Combined together, the multi-phase MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System offer an interior odor control and air quality solution that’s unrivaled in its engineering, design, effectiveness and efficiency making it the gold standard and obvious choice for clients who care about tackling their facility’s odor problems in a manner that is both environmentally and fiscally responsible.