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Potential regional air quality impacts of cannabis cultivation facilities in Denver, Colorado

The legal commercialization of cannabis for recreational and medical use has effectively created a new and almost unregulated cultivation industry in Denver, Colorado. This research study showcases how the more than 600-registered cannabis cultivation facilities (CCFs) in the region have created concentrations of highly reactive terpenes in the atmosphere, which could impact air quality.

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Byers Scientific Emissions Analysis Report

Byers Scientific performed a study to examine the effects that eucalyptus tress had on nearby vineyard operations. This is the only one peer-reviewed study that has linked the influence of 1,8-cineole in vineyards to taint in corresponding red wines. The study found the largest concentrations of 1,8-cineole in samples closest to the eucalyptus trees. The results were used to determine a threshold value for 1,8 cineole against which modeled deposition rates from predicted gas-phase concentrations.

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