In this Byers Scientific podcast interview, Marc Byers, Founder and President of Byers Scientific, and Eliane Khoury, Founder and CEO of VFA Solutions, discuss how their combined solutions tackle problematic odors – while also purifying the air with the most sustainable technology on the market today.

In October 2021, Byers Scientific and VFA Solutions, a leading provider of air purification products in Europe, announced a strategic partnership.

Through the agreement, Byers Scientific is bringing VFA’s technology and products to North America. For example, VFA’s patented ASPRA® electrostatic precipitation and filtration technology is being integrated into various Byers products, including the MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System. The combined offering brings together next-generation odor control with clean, healthy, and energy efficient technologies in the field of indoor air quality (IAQ) and filtration.

ASPRA® air purification from VFA Solutions is an effective filtration and purification system that removes airborne viruses – such as COVID-19 – pathogens and dust particles. It also creates less waste and requires less energy than conventional HEPA filter systems.

Following are some highlights from this interview:

  • About VFA and Byer Scientific’s companies and offerings. (1:18)
  • A high-level overview of the Byers Scientific and VFA strategic partnership. (4:32)
  • Ideal applications for this combined offering, and why it is truly game-changing in North America (11:09)
  • How the VFA solution is better than conventional HEPA filters. (17:33)
  • What the future holds with regard to odor control and air purification. (26:14)

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