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MT-Series of Molecular Filtration Systems

A new breed of odor mitigation technology

The Byers MT-Series of Molecular Filtration Systems innovatively bundles patented ASPRA® electrostatic precipitation technology with class-leading activated carbon to effectively mitigate odor while improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System

  • 6,000 CFM Ziehl-Abegg ECblue Impeller Fan
  • CFM range: Variable from 2,500 to 6,000
  • Optional ASPRA® Electrostatic Precipitation and Filtration Stage for removal of fine dust, bacteria, viruses, spores, allergens and other bioaerosols
  • Power Consumption: ~2.8 amps / 480v at 6,000 CFM w/ ASPRA®
  • MERV 9 Particulate Pre-filters; Optional multi-pocket high efficiency bag filter for high-dust applications
  • Forty Eight 24” Coconut Shell Carbon Cylinders
  • Efficiency removal of carbon validated to ASHRAE 145.2 & ISO 10121-2
  • Capable of remote control, monitoring, and inspection via Byers’ proprietary Bolt-On™ Cloud-based SCADA (IoT)
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Benefits of Using the MT-Series of Molecular Filtration Systems

Despite the claims, ionization in any of its forms is not an appropriate means of odor control but rather a technology intended to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and, in certain applications, plant health through the removal of bioaerosols. Odor control is accomplished through the utilization of appropriately designed and specially selected activated carbon like that found in the MT-6 Molecular Filtration System. Whether designed for an agricultural (such as commercial cannabis cultivation) or solid waste (such as a MRF) application, the chemistry and physics of molecular filtration remains the same while the appropriate type of activated carbon may change. Regardless of the application, Byers Scientific uses only industry-leading activated carbon media that has been third-party tested and validated. For those operators concerned with not just odor but also looking to improve IAQ and plant health, we offer an optional ASPRA® (patented Dutch high efficiency electrostatic precipitation technology) stage to safely and effectively remove bacteria, spores and other bioaerosols while extending the life of the activated carbon media.

At Byers Scientific, we believe in sustainable solutions. When designed, engineered, installed and utilized properly, molecular filtration technology (aka carbon scrubbing) is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to efficiently trap and sequester fugitive gases and their associated odors through the power of activated carbon. Even with the optional ASPRA® high efficiency electrostatic precipitation technology on board, the MT-6 remains one of the most powerful yet energy efficient odor removal/air purification systems on the market today.

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Blue Rule

The MT-6™ frame is constructed from durable extruded aluminum along with Alumalite wall and door panels, making it a durable addition to your facility. The system can be installed vertically or horizontally, making it an ideal custom solution for a wide range of facilities.

Fully Integrated Odor Control

Each MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System is networked on a remote controllable Cloud-based platform. The result is a fully integrated odor control solution, all in the palm of your hand.

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