Empowering Growth

Byers Scientific helps companies future-proof their growth strategies with industrial-scale odor mitigation solutions, data-driven emissions analysis, and scalable Cloud-based technology.

MT-6TM Molecular Filtration System

An all-new way to sequester odor molecules. Molecular scrubbing uses carbon to manifest adsorption as the odorous air is filtered, effectively eliminating odors down to the molecule.

Three solutions under one roof

We solve complex odor, emissions, and efficiency challenges. Each team focuses on a different piece of the puzzle to deliver a seamless end-to-end solution.


Mitigation Technologies

Comprehensive custom-designed and engineered solutions to neutralize industrial odors.
  • Commercial cannabis cultivation
  • Solid waste facilities
  • Materials recovery facilities and transfer stations
  • Wastewater facilities
  • Biosolids and composting facilities
  • Commercial agriculture

Emissions Analysis

Research-driven analysis and consulting to assist cannabis cultivators in achieving compliance.

  • Commercial cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and processing
  • Industrial hemp cultivation, manufacturing, and processing
  • Plant research and analysis
  • Air dispersion modeling
  • Collaborative research with academic institutions
  • Facility emissions assessments (molecular footprinting)
  • Cannabis Emissions Profiler™ (CPS)



Intelligent Systems

Helping OEMs leverage the power of custom Cloud-based technology to differentiate your business.

  • Light to small industrial manufacturers 
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) 
  • Bolt-On™ Cloud-based SCADA (IoT)
  • Cloud-based automation technology 
  • Microsoft Azure IoT-based
  • Cellular connectivity


Byers Scientific provides an ecosystem of emissions and odor mitigation solutions to help you achieve compliance, operate efficiently, and scale smoothly.

You need compliance solutions that make sense for your industry and operations. Using data-driven research and the highest industry standards, we design, develop, and manufacture custom compliance solutions.


We combine proven science and innovative technology to help you mitigate risk and turn compliance into a valuable asset.

Our team of industry-leading researchers, innovators, and scientists assess your facility’s unique needs and provide customized compliance solutions that neutralize odor, mitigate emissions, and streamline industrial operations.