Odors surf the airstream in a gas state. Our dynamic waterless vapor-phase systems can be applied to the working face of a landfill, around the perimeter of a waste facility or odor emitting source or along ridge vents of a greenhouse for cannabis odor control. Using our patented uniform vapor-distribution, our technology delivers a consistent and controllable level of odor neutralizing product via an engineered pipe distribution system. Byers’ vapor-phase systems utilize a third party vetted and tested plant-based broad spectrum neutralizer custom formulated to mitigate common odors from a variety of industries (e.g., solid waste, industrial-scale composting, commercial cannabis). Adsorption, more specifically Van der Waals Forces, is the reaction that uses weak electrostatic bonding to mitigate malodor molecules. Odor mitigation through the deployment of plant-based neutralizers is predicated on contact with odor molecules and unlike misting applications that push odors to the ground, vapor meets odor molecules in the air and neutralizes them on contact. Vapor has a higher probability of contact with malodors than misted particles due to collective surface area, space and time.