A first-of-it's-kind cannabis odor control system

Cannabis cultivators face a seemingly impossible task—to mitigate something that can’t be seen, is subjectively perceived, and around which very little research has been done to-scale: odor.

Fortunately, Byers Scientific has the solution—state-of-the-art cannabis odor control solutions for commercial cultivation facilities of any size.

Engineered for your canopy’s unique emissions profile, our cannabis odor control systems rely on proven activated carbon technology to effectively trap odorous gases while positively impacting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through the utilization of VFA Solutions’ proprietary ASPRA electrostatic ionization technology. On its own or paired with our patented waterless vapor-phase systems, the MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System provides best available control technology (BACT) cannabis odor control.

How It Works

Stage 1

In the first stage of the system, high efficiency electrostatic ionization captures and agglomerates particles, including microbial contaminations such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. This purifies the air, improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and preserves the durability and efficiency of the activated carbon media. 

Stage 2

In the second stage of the system, odor compounds are eliminated through the use of molecular filtration (AKA carbon scrubbing). The result of the system is safe, clean, odor-free air and fewer headaches for operators, regulators, and neighbors.

Stage 3

Finally, for greenhouse cultivation, our patented waterless vapor-phase mitigates odor compounds that aren’t already sequestered through the use of interior MT-6™ systems. These fugitive compounds are neutralized on contact when they pass through a virtual curtain of dry vapor, which is emitted along each ridge vent of the greenhouse.

Our industry-first cannabis odor control systems are:


3rd-party tested 95% odor removal efficiency (SCS Engineers)

Electrostatic ionization removes powdery mildew and active botrytis spores for improved crop health and indoor air quality (IAQ)

Proven effectiveness in high RH environments (Camfil USA Testing Lab)


Lowest power consumption in the industry makes the MT-6™ a sustainable alternative to other cannabis odor control systems

Electrostatic ionization stage extends the life of carbon filters

2.8 amps / 480v at 6,000 CFM equates to industry-leading energy efficiency


24/7 wireless remote monitoring, reporting and control from any connected device

Each system comes equipped with fully secure Cloud-based SCADA/IoT functionality

Integrates into your facility’s existing control system