Byers Scientific in the News: Providing Sustainable Emissions and Odor Control for Commercial Cannabis

Over the past several months, Byers Scientific has been capturing the attention of media outlets that cover commercial cannabis operations. Much of the press coverage has centered on [...]

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Byers Scientific in the News: Envirosuite Partnership Brings Environmental Monitoring to the Forefront of Odor Control

In April, Byers Scientific announced a new partnership with Envirosuite that blends environmental intelligence with industrial odor mitigation. As a true industry first, the new partnership allows facilities [...]

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Byers Scientific and Envirosuite Announce Strategic Partnership

Combined Solution Blends Environmental Intelligence with Industrial Odor Mitigation BLOOMINGTON, IND. (PRWEB) APRIL 14, 2022 Byers Scientific, a globally recognized leader in odor mitigation systems, recently announced its strategic [...]

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Byers Scientific Announces Strategic Partnership With Dutch Innovative Technology Venture, VFA Solutions

Byers Scientific, a globally recognized leader in odor mitigation systems, recently announced their strategic partnership with Dutch innovative technology leaders, VFA Solutions. With the integration of VFA Solutions' patented [...]

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Byers Scientific, Iowa State University and Odor Experts Identify Volatile Chemical Compound Responsible for Cannabis Odor Complaints

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A research team comprised of Byers Scientific, Iowa State University and Texas-based odor experts report isolation and identification of the volatile chemical which appears to be primarily [...]

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Not Everyone Loves that Skunky Smell: Understanding emissions profiles has led to the latest in engineered solutions for odor control

Byers Scientific has raised the bar again. Since the recent launch of their latest odor mitigation technology, the Byers MT-6 Molecular Scrubbing System for indoor and greenhouse cultivation, the [...]

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Byers Scientific Announces New Company Structure to Deliver Innovative and Sustainable Industrial-Scale Odor Mitigation Solutions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Bloomington, IN Feb 10, 2021 –– Marc Byers and his team of odor mitigation experts recently announced the launch of Byers Scientific (“Byers”), which brings [...]

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