At Byers Scientific, we’re committed to helping companies future-proof their business. For us, that means staying at the forefront of odor and emissions innovation, technology, and research. Since launching our industry-leading MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System, we’ve had three thoughts top of mind: how do we make it more efficient, more effective, and more sustainable? 

We found the answer in an exciting partnership with ​​Dutch innovative technology venture, VFA Solutions. By incorporating a patented electrostatic ionization phase into our MT-6™ carbon scrubber, we’ve innovatively bundled two best-in-class technologies to effectively trap odorous gases while positively impacting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

The Original MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System

When it comes to industry-leading odor control solutions, we’re no strangers to innovation. For example, the MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System provides best available control technology (BACT) while staying energy efficient.

As noted in Terpenes & Testing Magazine, “The MT-6™ saves energy and incorporates the best available carbon media with efficiency validated to both ASHRAE 145.2 and ISO 10121-2. [In addition], refillable cartridges and facility-specific carbon media lifetime calculations decrease the likelihood of breakthrough and reduce wasted carbon material.”

Engineered Systems for Dynamic Applications

Because we provide comprehensive, custom solutions to neutralize industrial odors, the applications for the MT-6 are innumerable. We can engineer systems for greenhouses, indoor, warehouse, manufacturing, processing and trimming facilities, and more. We can scale our scrubbers to anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 cfm for precision control, no matter what size your facility is.

The MT-6™ scrubbers work through a physical reaction called adsorption. The scrubbers intake odorous gases and sequester odor-causing compounds at the molecular level. They then return the scrubbed air to the facility, whether that’s a greenhouse, processing facility, or other indoor growing space. 

And, through advanced canopy emissions profiling, we’re able to calculate precisely how many of these exchanges are required for each unique space. 

VFA Solutions: Dutch Leaders In Air Purification Technologies

With high-tech precision greenhouse farming, a thriving IT sector, R&D incentives, and the Dutch government’s strong focus on tech developments, the Netherlands is a leader in efficient and sustainable agriculture. Our newest innovation partner, VFA Solutions, is a Dutch technology venture developing clean, healthy, and green technologies in the field of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and filtration.

VFA’s patented  ASPRA® air purification technology is a revolutionary application. The highly efficient system achieves up to E12-H13/HEPA classification (according to NEN-EN 1822 standard) without using a HEPA filter. As a result, the ASPRA is more cost-effective, creates less waste, and creates substantial energy savings compared to conventional filters. 

The MT-6™ Plus ASPRA Technology

What happens when the gold standard in cannabis odor control meets cutting-edge Dutch air purification technology? Unprecedented results. 

In the first stage of the system, high-efficiency electrostatic ionization captures and agglomerates particles. This includes everything from particulate matter generated during bucking and trimming to microbial contaminations like fungi, bacteria, and viruses. This purifies the air, improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), supports safety compliance, and preserves the durability and efficiency of the scrubbers’ activated carbon media. 

In the second stage of the system, odor compounds are eliminated through molecular filtration (AKA carbon scrubbing). The result of the system is safe, clean, odor-free air and fewer headaches for operators, employees, regulators, and neighbors. 

And, as with all of our odor mitigation systems, the new and improved MT-6™ is equipped with our proprietary Bolt-On™ Cloud-based SCADA (IoT) for 24/7 wireless remote monitoring, reporting, and control from any connected device.

A First-Of-Its-Kind Odor Control System

At Byers Scientific, we’re not just in the business of odor control. We’re here to help business owners safeguard their livelihoods through technological innovation. With the addition of VFA Solution’s ASPRA technology, we’re setting new standards for comprehensive odor control while creating safer, healthier work environments. To learn more about the MT-6™ Molecular Filtration System, contact the Byers Scientific team